Point And Line

Milan  Design  Week

Nikoloz Lekveishvili Francesco Adorni







“Point — rest. Line — inwardly animated tension created by movement. The two elements — their intermingling and their combinations develop their own “language” which cannot be attained with words.” Kandinsky

…. what if we see paintings as “points” and Light traces as “Lines”. We’ll face the process of creating dynamic image of a space that collaborates two basic elements: a painting as a permanent one and light trace as an inconstant and variable feature.


…it creates an interesting feeling that exhibition represent paintings that cannot be seen in order that viewer wants, but rather as an Sequence of cinematic images like in cinema. Paintings are lighted up randomly for several seconds by a constantly moving lightening element in parallel it creates interesting collaboration between the space that is dynamic and paintings that are monumental…

Point and Line

Milan design week