Esta Sales Office

Interior Design


Project site of sales office is located in Bahcelievler district. Bahceli Evler in Turkish means the houses with gardens. It is located outside city center closer to Ataturk airport and is mostly populated with families and students. Site itself is located between two tram stops, facing industrial area at one side and residential area on the other. Project should serve as a sales office for the ongoing construction site by Esta Construction of residential district. Should have particular height to observe ongoing construction and should include an exhibitions space for physical model to be presented.

Considering the fact that construction of the district would last for several year, we decided to develop the project of sales office as an open public park for children, where parents could discuss the business issues with representatives of sales office when children could play in the park. Building itself is divided into two parts: bottom space with public functions as café, gallery space, restaurant and physical model of the site in the center. Upper part – more private, occupied with sales consultants, administrative staff, retail managers and obviously with a view over the site.


Shape of the building is representing its functional division as well, when the building is cut into two, letting the park penetrate its middle part, letting the light and greenery become the focal point of the project – turning the building itself into the frame for Nature