wine shop

Project Site is located within the heart of historic part of the city, on the crossing of two vibrant touristic streets: Sioni Street and Erekle VI street.Urban pattern of this neghbourhood represents labyrinth type of structure creating the feeling of journey while having a walk in the area.It raises the mystery by making it hard to predict around the corner. Existing building used to be a residential single-family house, however, only the external walls remain from initial structure.

The goal of the intervention was to transform the existing structure into the vibrant wine shop, adding one floor above to use it as a small gallery space. All the new additions to the existing structure will blend into the environment, highlighting the architectural value of the historic building

New street was added between the Shop and siding building. The aim was to in encourage the pedestrian flow around the building. This created additional public areas for the city.

Project got divided into three parts: Wine shop on the ground floor, Café in the 1st floor and the semi basement as well as the gallery with its own terrace on the second floor.

Wooden panels were selected as a material for the external cladding. As for the interior black steel shelfs along the concrete walls were chosen to perform as a background for the colorful pattern created by the variety of wine bottle labels.