Monthe Chandier Castle

Château de La Mothe-Chandeniers
Competition - Finalist Mention
Besarion Skhirtladze, Elene Tsutskiridze, Tamar Neparidze, Tamo Tsutskiridze, Lika Vadatchkoria, Mariam Mosashvili, Niko Loz Lekveishvili, Nutsa Kandelaki, Nino Grigolashvili, Nana Lekveishvili, Sjors Hagenbeek

The project sight is located in Château de La Mothe-Chandeniers, France.


Our objective was to awaken Mothe Chandenier, while embracing its regenerating context and enhancing its natural beauty. To contrast the castles romanticism two circular volumes are inserted, connected through the strengthened axis of the site.



These pure shapes tend to highlight their center, therefore placing the castle on a pedestal. The circular solutions derived of its simple shape and its extensive interpretations among different cultures. Moreover, water embodies a meaningful role in shaping the religious and spiritual consciousness. Navigating the site one can wander the vast fields or preferably sail the waters following the crossing between the past and the present, the ancient and the contemporary. Resembling the crossing between life and death.



The circular volume framing the castle holds a visitors center, a bookshop and a restaurant, each of them visually connected to the castle. Climbing the walkway towards the amphitheatre one can observe the historical heritage, casting prominent sights on the castle.



The larger circle at the end of the fields frames the spirituality of the lake. The volume holds the castle villas and a regenerating wellness service, enabling one to experience Mothe Chandenier as intended.



Visitors will experience open-air art performances with the castle as oneiric scenery and the calming ambience of water below. The castles interior is enhanced by inserting a circular ramp taking one through the timeline of the castle. Different themed chambers will emerge along the walkway while ascending. Once one reaches the top, Mothe Chandenier will be experienced at a single glance.